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The Executive Coaching Services have been offered in the following industries and countries:



  • Automobile
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Technology
  • Distribution
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Financial Institutions
  • Non-Profit services and institutions
  • Mexico
  • United States of America
  • Latin America
  • Central America
  • Caribbean
  • Others

Coaching has been successfully offered to:

  • Senior executives working in multinationals and small to medium organizations at various levels, Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, Financial Directors and others.
  • Independent professionals seeking to enhance their own business and personal development.
  • Higher Education Institutions/Universities.
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Conecta Coaching Testimonials

• "My Coach helped me to focus, think and plan important objectives. I appreciate all the support received, the time and the sense of humour."
VP Customer Service

• "My Coach was an essential person that supported me in obtaining mutual and interesting benefits on behalf of my company and me. Very important to attain achievements and reach desired objectives."
Customer Service Director

• "Mirna is a person who generated in me sufficient confidence since our first meeting to assure that the process would be a success due to her open disposition towards everything that I was able to express based on my circumstances. I consider this a main factor for the positive results of the coaching program."
Campus Director

• "Mirna is an excellent coach which balances listening skills with assertive insights to assure progression in each session. She is focused on working with one’s opportunities, while leveraging key strengths throughout the development journey. It was definitely an experience which I enjoyed and learned."
VP Human Resources

• "I would call my coaching process “a self awareness accelerator” that allows you to reinforce your strengths to better influence and create a greater impact. In addition it forces you to go beyond your comfort area in order to renovate yourself and mobilize you to inspire your team and others areas with whom one is in contact. A last comment, it is a wonderful opportunity to rediscover yourself, liberate your potential and enjoy more fully your work and personal life. "
Sales VP

• "I learnt through my Coaching process to discover my weakness areas, being gently lead to improve on them. Today I am pleased to be positioned in a higher level within the organization, as I became a more effective leader and improved in my behaviors. It was an experience that I lived by deeper understanding factors that you do not usually pay attention to, but once I realize their existence and learned to deal with them I improved my relationship with other leaders in the organization."
IT Andina Region

• "I do not want to take any longer to appreciate everything you did for me, I am very grateful that you appeared in my life and to know that you are a part of same, thank you for sharing your experience, for always providing support, for believing in me and the world of possibilities. Today I feel a better human being with a better understanding of who I am and where I am going."
Human Resources Director


• "My Coach was very important to me in order to address the challenge I had and enabled me to obtain an Award on behalf of my organization."
Plant Manager Director

• “Coaching, helped me to find my own internal potentials and to put them into practice to improve my own self esteem, strengthen my leadership, enrich my family life and better take care of my health in an integral way."
Campus Director

• "My Coach is a very enthusiastic person, passionate, demonstrates a genuine interest in the progress and development of one as a “Coachee”. My Coach is a “Natural Coach” "
General Director

• "The most important in my coaching process was that my Coach returned to me my own self confidence."
Alliances Director

• "Having an executive Coach can be particularly effective in times of change that includes promotions, stretch assignments, and other new challenges. While you may be confident in your abilities to take on new tasks, you may feel that an independent sounding board would be beneficial in helping you achieve a new level of performance. More so, you may recognize that succeeding in a new role requires skills that you have not needed to rely on in the past; a coach may help sharpen those skills, particularly when you need to do so on the fly. From my experience is one of the biggest benefits because a coach is someone who aren't tied to the organization, your friends, or anyone else…They are tied to you only, so they support what you want and where you want to go."
VP Sales

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